2013-01-28 17.23.04

The first kit has arrived and it is Scarves!

There is a lady in our church that is always wearing beautiful scarves; every time I see her I always think how polished she looks. Inspired by how stylish she appears, I am adding more scarves to my wardrobe this fashion season. Now here is my chance to start; having always been a little intimidated by how and when to wear hats and scarves; this will help me take the plunge.

First I would like to say I am really impressed. The first kit came within 10 days of ordering; I was told four to six weeks. Unfortunately; my free gift “The Crocheting and Knit Guide” was not included. I am going to include that fact in my online survey; will let you know later how that was handled.

The kit included a pattern book with four scarves; two crochet and two knitted. I will be doing the crochet ones; never really having an interest in knitting. The skill level for both is “easy”; so this will be a nice diversion from the harder projects in the Crochet Master Book.

The first pattern “Ruffled Scarf” is more to my taste so that will be the first one I attempt. If you are dong this with me, remember to take the time to gauge before you start the first project. In the long run this will save you from being unhappy with your work. Take the time to do it right; it is too much work to take short cuts. I will posting my regular post tomorrow, until then keep those hooks flying.

2013-01-28 17.23.04