One of the biggest problems I have when it comes to crocheting is there is never enough time. I always seem to want to do more projects than I have time for. At one time in my life I use to start all these projects and some where in the middle I would start a new one that caught my eye. Before I knew what was happening I would have seven or eight projects going at once. How discouraging this would be.

This is how I solved the issue. I would now limit myself to three projects at one time. This would consist of one difficult one, and two rather easy ones. Now, no matter how many projects I would want to do, I refuse to start a new one until one of these projects would be completed.

By doing this I notice several problem area in my life going away. First, I did not have a bunch of unfinished projects hidden around the house and since I live in a small house and really do not have room for my yarn; I cannot have a lot of bags laying around with half completed crochet projects piling up around the house. Secondly; when I would go back to these projects sometimes months later; I would either find that I did not remember where I got the pattern: or there would be times when I would have to spend hours relearning a pattern that I had already took the time to master. This would be very frustrating and discouraging for me.

And lastly, lets face it; our lives and desires are constantly changing. What I had been excited for in the past may not excite me as much as it does now. This is why I keep all the patterns I receive. We are all growing. What does not appeal to me one day; may look really good another. So, I have found it is best to finish a current crochet project while I am still excited about it.

By making this simple rule in my life, I now have the joy and sense of accomplishment at having never to look in the corner of my closet and see that reminder of defeat.

So with this rule in mind I have decided that instead of subscribing to a magazine this year. I would join the ‘Hook and Needle Club’ through Annie’s Attic. Once a month I receive a kit which includes yarn and two patterns (one knit and one crochet). I provide the hook and the skill. I was looking for some projects I could work that would not be too time consuming that would give me a break from a larger projects of the Crochet Master Class. This will give the necessary breaks I might need from the more difficult crocheting.

We will see how it works out, if is does not I can cancel my membership at any time. I add the link below for any who would like to know more about this club.

Now saying all of this; I will be starting The Crochet Master Class on February 6, 2013; so excited. This should give everybody a chance to buy your book and supplies. Get all those projects you are now working on out of the way. I will be starting with the first project in the book: Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan.

This is a beginner afghan done with Woven Crochet technique. I plan on doing all the projects in the book (even the ones that do not appeal to me) I want to improve my crocheting skill which means I need to learn all the techniques and stitches in the book.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.