Step one in starting a project this big: Finish any current crocheting project. Presently; I am working on a Tunisian Bobbles throw Afghan. I have done many things in the Tunisian stitch and even have taught a class in how to master the basic stitch, but I had never done the lace stitches. I have been working on perfecting my skill in the Tunisian stitch and I am now talking the basic stitch to the next level by learning to master the lace stitches.

I have started an afghan “Bobbles in the blue throw” only I decided to use Caron Simply Soft yarn in Autumn Red. It is a beautiful deep red color that will offset the flowers in my living room rug. I am thinking it will be done within the next two to three weeks.

I knew the basic foundation row and The Tunisian Knit Stitch and the basic Tunisian stitch (Basic Tunisian Crochet)but the others in the Afghan were all new to me. The Tunisian Reverse Stitch and Tunisian Bobble are the primary stitches of the main part of the Afghan and so it was important for me to perfect these.

The level of the Afghan is Intermediate using a flexible H Tunisian Crochet Hook.

I had some trouble in the beginning learning to master these stitches. Having discovered that is better to keep my tension tight when I am working across the hook will prevent the finished crocheting from looking like a haphazard blanket of different sized holes.

I did the first 14 rows three times before I did the pattern correctly, so I was glad I took the time to figure it out. Although it looked all right the first few times; it was not perfect. I am a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my craft. When following a pattern I want to know how to read it correctly. Sometimes this is easier than at other times.

Lessons I have learned or insight into each stitch:

The basic foundation row: Each row has two parts.

The Tunisian basic Stitch: For right hands the stitch is worked right to left. When working this stitch the bars should all line up.

The Tunisian Knit Stitch: Need to be very accurate about where I place my hook. It resembles a stockinette stitch when finish.

The Tunisian reverse Stitch: Works behind the piece I am working on. Resembles the pearl stitch in knitting, although unlike knitting, on the back you will see ridges.

The Tunisian bobble Stitch: Works very similar as the regular bobble stitch. Make sure you start all your stitches in the same stitch at the base of the bobble-in this case it is 3dc.

I am writing this blog to help other people who have a passion for crocheting to learn from my experience. Crocheting can be a great stress reducer and give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment when your done. Until next time keep those hooks flying.

The book I got my pattern from is below. It is no longer on the Annie Attic web sight but I did find it on Amazon.